Top 10 Reasons To Use A Micro Excavator In Construction Industry

10 reasons to use a mini excavator in construction sites


The introduction of the micro excavator in the construction field is nothing less than a huge revolution. When you are planning to save costs in large-scale projects, this is where mini excavators can be a real solution. Not only in construction, but a mini excavator acts as a cost-saver in various other fields.

Tiny diggers are famous for their excellent business values, reliability, and high performance. The best part is that these little excavators are practical in terms of delivering measurable values and saving business costs. When efficiency is required but the space is limited, mini excavators are the way best solution.

micro excavator in construction

Small Excavators – The Gap Fillers

Basically, mini excavators are designed to fill the gap that is left by the large Excavators since large excavators cannot be an efficient choice to be used in narrow spaces.

You will end up damaging the structures in the surroundings if you try to use them in narrow spaces.

Using mini excavators in the construction industry is the most popular application of mini excavators. However, taking the most advantage of it is the actual thing to know.

small excavators in construction

If you are a civil engineer and want to start your construction business. If you want some guidance about how it can be most beneficial, then you are at the right place. Just keep reading this article till the end.

Agile Equipment

Agility refers to the ability of something to move easily and quickly. This is the most important reason to use the compact diggers on the worksite.

You will find this small equipment highly maneuverable at different worksites. They have the ability to access narrower and broader paths at the same time.

micro excavator

The high accessibility of mini excavators reduces the time of positioning as compared to large excavators. Hence, you save a lot of your time and invest time in other complex construction tasks.

Easy Training

When you hire new workers for your construction business, you want them to be quick learners. You make use of devices with easy training and save your time. This is where a mini digger can be highly helpful. You don’t need to spend too much time making your workers learn about mini excavators’ operations.

little excavators in factory

These tiny excavators have very easy functions that anyone can get training. This is due to their trainee-friendly nature. Since it’s easy to learn about mini excavators’ operations, you can your training costs as well as time.

Easily Accessible

Operating mini excavators is one important thing but having better access on-site is another thing to consider. The best reason to use mini excavators in the construction industry is that these can operate easily while accessing tight areas. There is an issue with large excavators and these are very unsuitable for use at a few sites.

If you use large excavators in tight spaces, you will not only find them inaccessible but also damage the structure in the surroundings.

Fewer Chances Of Damage

When you are working on large-scale projects in the construction industry, you have to do everything effectively. This is to ensure no damages are made to the structures in the surrounding. When using large excavators at construction sites, you may damage things, especially when working in narrow spaces.

However, the good news is that mini excavators reduce the chances of damage to a very high extent. Let’s suppose if anything gets damaged unnecessarily, you will have to spend extra money on it. Compact excavators not only save your costs but also reduces the chances of damage.


One of the main concerns of constructors is to transport heavy construction machinery. For example, some machinery is very heavy and you have to spend a lot on its transportation. Note that you have important stuff to spend on and you can’t just waste your money on transportation costs.

This is the point where mini diggers prove very beneficial for you. You don’t need to hire large trucks for their transportation and get your head stuck into a problem. The fact is that this little equipment is highly transportable. You can even transport them through a trailer.


The multi-functionality of your small excavators makes them highly productive at construction sites. Through one piece of equipment, you can easily perform multiple tasks. You must be thinking how is this possible through a little excavator with little space to do anything? Well, the answer is that they can be equipped with multiple attachments.

There are several attachments that you can just equip with your small excavator. Once you equip it, you can perform tasks ranging from digging, trenching, and landscaping to plantation and snow removal. This indicates that these are highly versatile.

HIXEN mini digger attached tools

This single benefit can save a lot of your money by preventing the need to hire manual digging tasks. For example, some attachments are listed below:

Multi-functional Attachments


✔Tilt rotator

✔Plate compactors


✔Hydraulic breaker

✔Quick coupler

✔Concrete breakers

✔Cab enclosures

✔Brush cutters

Low Operation Costs

When a person starts a project in the construction industry, their first thought is to choose equipment that cost less. This is where mini excavators are quite helpful for you. You perform multiple operations at your site through a mini excavator. It saves your costs by saving you to spend on hiring others.

On the other hand, mini excavators can also help you do the tasks of large excavators. You don’t need to buy large excavators and exceed the operation costs. You just need to make full use of a mini excavator by doing tasks of a large excavator.

excavator beneficial for construction site

Beneficial For Construction Business

After you have known all the reasons to use mini excavators in the construction industry, now you should know the business benefits. The benefits that will come after investing in a mini excavator for your business.

The Most beneficial Investment

Making the right investment in your business can be a little tough. Realizing the benefits that a mini excavator can do to your business, can be helpful in making a decision. Some major benefits of compact excavators for business are listed below:

Compact diggers have very low operating costs. This is something that’s already explained above.

It doesn’t cost you to train people since it is very easy to learn.

Compact excavators have a high level of versatility. This is something that improves its functionality.

You can get your head out of the problems like access problems. These are easily accessible in narrow places.

You save a lot of your costs and time by transporting it easily. Moreover, these compact diggers has got better logistics.

You can gain more profits for your business by investing in little diggers. It actually happens by lowering the cost.

Mini diggers possess very high values in performance for almost all types of jobs.

When compared with their larger counterparts, small diggers possess an amazing operational efficiency.

Adds Value To Your Business

All these major benefits can bring huge dollar value to your construction business. No one wants to make an investment in something that’s not profitable. If you have started a construction business then investing in a zero tail swing mini excavator can be a great investment. You can not only improve performance, and reduce overheads, but also add a lot of capabilities to your construction business.

small excavator adds value to your business

Telematics In Compact Digger

What Is Meant By Telematics?

Basically, the computerized method of controlling or monitoring your vehicles, trucks, cars, and excavators. It functions with the help of GPS technology. It also makes use of onboard diagnostics (OBD). The use of GPS and OBD is used to plot the movement of the asset on a computerized map.

A Useful Feature In The Compact Excavator:

Basically, it is the computerized method of controlling or monitoring your vehicles, trucks, cars, and excavators. It functions with the help of GPS technology. It also makes use of onboard diagnostics (OBD). The use of GPS and OBD is used to plot the movement of the asset on a computerized map.

Machine control features and telematics are seen more in small excavators. There are different manufacturers that offer machine control and telematics in their mini excavators. You will be glad to know that some third-party mini excavator brands can also add machine controls to your compact diggers.

Having machine controls can help you perform tasks with your mini excavators more effectively and consistently.

According to some experts, Kubota mini excavator’s machine controls are very easy for the installer. Moreover, Yanmar excavators are considered ideal for telematics installation. You can enhance its digging efficiency by installing machine controls from different vendors.

Another company, Takeuchi comes with high-quality telematics. They also offer a small monthly fee and subscription after two years.

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Investing in a mini excavator for your construction business can be really worth it. The above seven reasons to use mini excavators in the construction industry indicate their importance.

Using the mini excavator at construction sites is useful but getting the right quality excavator is also essential.

Not everyone knows to invest in the best mini excavator. If you are also one of them, don’t worry. To deal with a reliable mini excavator manufacturer, Contact Us now. We have high quality & EPA tier 4 approved small excavator. Also, we provide the OEM/ODM service, all your needs could be satisfied.

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