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Are you looking for a Wheel excavator? From 4-ton mini wheel excavators to 15-ton middle-sized wheel excavators all available here. Please continue browsing this page or click the button to get a direct solution.

Why Choose A Wheel Excavator From Us

With most models available in stock, we can supply the wheel excavators in a quick move.

No matter whether you are inquiring about the products, or have trouble using the wheel excavators, we are always here 7*24 available. 

Over the years, we have much experience in manufacturing. Each wheel excavator is ensured of high quality, which you can use it with no further worries.

You can always find a good solution here if you want to buy a wheeled excavator. We are keen to provide suggestions depending on your specific requirement and budget.

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Our Product Series

Our range of wheeled excavators is from HW40 to HW150. Please select a model here and click the button. We will contact you within 8 working hours. You can also ask about product catalogs and other requirements in PDF format, just tell us

HW40 Wheeled Excavator

4 Ton mini wheeled excavator HW40 for sale

HW150 Wheeled Excavator

7.5 Ton midi wheeled excavator HW75

HW150 Wheeled Excavator

15 ton high quality wheeled excavator HW150

Widely Application of Wheeled Excavators

The most amazing feature of wheeled excavators is they can move easily from one job site to another at high speed. In addition, with different attachments, wheeled excavators can not only dig and do demolition work, but also they can move concrete barriers, clean ditches from the road, mow, cut asphalt, and grind trees. Some other aspects such as scrapyard work, road work, material handling, waste handling, utility installation, etc.

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Our Products

HIXEN wheeled excavators combine high productivity with excellent efficiency. With the backup hydraulic pipeline, all kinds of tools could be attached upon request. 

We are looking for dealers

No matter what kind of excavators you are looking for, please contact us to seek advice. We are keen to provide suggestions for you. OEM/ODM services are always available.

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We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form below, or email us directly.

Welcome to Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form opposite, or email us.

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