How To Make Money With A Mini Excavator? 7 Wonderful Ideas

How To Make Money With A Mini Excavator

How to make money with a mini excavator? How can you turn your excavator into a profitable stream of income? It is not as difficult as it seems. Mini or compact excavators are an extraordinarily efficient addition to construction worksites and digging. However, many of us do not know how to earn money with micro diggers. We tell you the best way to use a mini excavator and how it could be a lucrative source of income provider.

Mini excavators have become popular these days owing to their efficient digging abilities. When you pair your mini excavator with the right attachments and a coupler system, the machine can be leveraged to perform a wide array of tasks that can generate profit for you on a higher margin. So you can make money with a mini excavator. Mini excavators have many advantages; besides being lighter and smaller, they leave fewer track marks and less top-ground damage. Moreover, these machines are very comfortable, easier to handle in a crowded area, and quickly moved from one work site to another. Whit proper care, you can increase the life span of the mini excavator.

How to make money with a mini excavator?

Mini excavators are essential in construction work; they enhance work efficiency and help save time. The advancement of new technology is also a source of earning money from hard work rather than physical work. But how? Here are some proposals to make money with a mini excavator:

1. Rent it to make money with a mini excavator

Renting your mini excavator is a straightforward way to make money with a mini excavator. You can give your mini excavator at rent for $350/day for 100 days in a year and will recycle your entire investment in a reasonably stable market. So you will receive 100% of your initial investment back in revenue, but many costs will be attached to renting a mini excavator out.

These are equipment repair, maintenance, insurance, and even cleaning costs. Whatever the expenses, you will likely earn a significant profit after taking your costs. Another benefit of renting equipment is that you can continue to use it on days when it is not to rent out. Further, you can save these costs and even be paid through self-help, mainly if you can perform repairs and maintenance independently.

How can you rent out your mini excavator?

First, make an ad, and put an ad everywhere; post an ad on Facebook, Craigslist, and wherever you can. Also, make the best listing sites you want to be on and go differently according to your area. For example, if you are American, Craigslist will be one of the most important for you. Before giving renting out your mini excavator, make sure that you seek out legal advice to make sure that you cover your areas.

2. Small demolition jobs.

2. Small demolition jobs.

Another way to make money with a mini excavator is by doing small demolition jobs. Mini Excavators are ideal for demolition work. Mini excavators are best for destroying small structures because they are small in size and skill, unlike large excavators. These jobs include garages, decks, sheds, fences, or other smaller structures.

When people hair mini diggers, they can save money. Because they do not need to call in a construction or demolition company, it is an attractive option for individuals worldwide. Pairing your machine with concrete breakers can break concrete and asphalt sidewalks, driveways, paths, trails, and many more.

Remember that you should post advertisements on every relevant website, the work you can do. Promote your advertising on social media platforms that you’re doing demolition work and use all keywords. In this way, you can earn an affordable rate of 5 eight-hour days in a month at $75/hour and possibly much more—research what people are charging in your area for demolition jobs. You can also add some pictures of your excavator and previous jobs you’ve done in the advertisement. 

3. Use Snow removal with a mini excavator

3.Use Snow removal with a mini excavator

The most unpleasant and worst winter experience is clearing debris off the driveway. But with the correct type of mini excavator attachment, you can solve a massive problem for many people. Meanwhile, you can make money with a mini excavator. If you are the mini-excavator with the right equipment, it can help people deal with a huge issue. You can charge upwards of $50 to $60 for some clearing that large the driveway and clear quickly. Your charge depends on the driveway length you have to clear.

If you have to clean the snow of a whole bunch of houses in one neighborhood, you can very quickly be done a whole and earn a lot of profit. Winter is harsh for heavy machines, you can face worst-case scenarios, so you have to be prepared for it. Before snow clearing, consider your equipment, your surroundings during winter, and your technical expertise to determine if the job suits your mini excavator. If you have no technical knowledge to assess your winter equipment, you should be careful with the snow-clearing job.

4. Loading and unloading 

4. Loading and unloading 

It is another way to earn money with a mini excavator. You can offer the services of local companies aiding in loading and unloading. You can also make money with an excavator to help local businesses load or unload. Some businesses need a hand loading or unloading of gravel, sand, or other materials. Some companies also need this job for various items, so your small excavator is the best solution for these clients.

You can charge $75 per hour for unloading and loading work. It is also imperative to find the standard rate in your area and create your rules accordingly. To find the job, you must post an ad on social networks, and to land work with local businesses, you must attend networking events. Further, you have to provide a job at minimum time and minimum delivery cost. 

5. Landscaping and Grading

5. Landscaping and Grading

The mini excavator is not only your investment, but it also offers you some ways to make money with a mini excavator. You can use mini excavators in places targeted for development and improve properties by leveling dead or fallen trees and moving underbrush. You can do this job with your small excavator for reasonable charges. You can quickly grab, pull and drag saplings and rooted undergrowth using attachments such as midsize buckets with teeth, clamps, and three-tined grapples.

6. Shrink and compact.

 Shrinking and compacting.

Mini excavators, also known as plate compactors, can you outfit with dual functions to increase the ROI. So you can use it to earn money with a mini excavator. After excavation, using the attachment, a plate compressor can effectively compress the soil and eliminate the requirement for additional workers to use a hand tool, such as the hand tamper.

It makes the process more efficient for sloping areas than hand compactors. Additionally, plate compactors’ attachments are more durable than hand compactors and are more effective in sloping difficult-to-reach sites. The small digger will accomplish the job quickly, reducing the overall cost.

7. Installation of the pool, hot tubs

7. Installation of the pool, hot tubs

The people need holes dug out for their pools and hot tubs. So if you have a machine, you can earn money with a mini excavator. You can charge money to do this for them if you have some technical knowledge. You can trust at a minimum of $75/hour, but first, you must see what people in your area are charging.

For the excavation alone, most pool and hot tub digging jobs take several days, so you can spend a minimum of X hours using a mini excavator. Additionally, many operators charge a delivery fee for bringing their excavators to the job site.


A mini excavator is, in fact, for digging activities; its compact size, versatile attachments, and proven performance have brought this machine to a new level. You can also make money with a mini excavator. This post gives you seven ideas for making money with your device. A mini excavator, however, does not guarantee you’ll become wealthy. To develop good relationships with others and yourself, you must be intelligent. And can make perfect money with a mini excavator with business sense.

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