Good Tips for Regular Battery Maintenance And Replacement In Excavators

Regular Battery Maintenance And Replacement In Excavator

Regular Battery maintenance and replacement in excavators, when necessary, is essential to reaching that level of longevity. But you can use a wide range of clean, robust, and reliable batteries with the proper specifications. For excavators, batteries with lead and lithium are better. There are two types of batteries one is engine start, and the second is the deep cycle.

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Commonly, engine start batteries have shallow discharge. The battery discharge is 1 percent or less when you start your excavator. But if you have a lot of auxiliary power on that vehicle, the extra demand for power drains the battery.

Batteries that weigh deliver more. They contain more significant amounts of active lead material; therefore, they will deliver a more robust electrical current in the on-demand loads imposed on the battery.

Engine-start batteries won’t last long in that application. While A deep-cycle battery that discharges 5 percent, 10 percent, or even the battery’s capability will make it suitable for that extra power demand.

So it is your deciding which type you need is the standard operating procedure for your excavator. Our research aims to find a new battery for a small excavator by replacing the old battery for internal control. After regular battery maintenance and replacement in the excavator, check the electrolyte level in the battery.

Symptoms Your Regular Battery Maintenance and Replacement in Excavators

Symptom Your regular battery maintenance and replacement in the excavator

1. Slow-cranking engine

If you are finding your excavator, start slowly, then check the Cold Cranking Amps rating. It will give you an indication of the power level available to crank your engine. Small machines with less power than usual often need to replace a battery to start running at full speed again.

2. Dead engine

When your mini excavator‘s engine has starting trouble after sitting overnight or even right after it was turned off, you should understand that your battery may be near the end of its life. Because after the rest several hours battery should operate properly.

It also should generally work if the engine has recently been turned off. If your mini excavator doesn’t start correctly, it can be a real problem for construction projects. Follow the directions in the user manual for regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavators to make them reliable.

3. Electronic component problems

It is another sign of regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavators. When the battery of your excavator is losing power, it can disrupt electronic components like windows, locks, and lights. Slow-functioning electronic elements and dimming lights indicate that the battery may need to be replaced.

4. Extreme temperature usage

If your working sites are in very hot or very cold temperatures, you need extra-strong battery power to ensure your excavator is able to stand up to the extreme weather.

To ensure your equipment starts in freezing weather, install a battery with the highest CCA(CCA is a rating used in the battery industry to define a battery’s ability to start an engine in cold temperatures) available.

5. High fluctuation environments

Do you know that the strength of fluctuations on the worksite can affect the life of your battery? To prolong the life of your excavator’s battery, avoid using it in high-fluctuations environments or install a heavy-duty one.

6. Accessory drainage

You may need more battery power if you have several attachments for your heavy-duty equipment. So the use of additional power can slow down the whole system and use up reserve power.

How can you use batteries in your excavator?

The battery is necessary to start your equipment’s engine and powers its electrical systems because it converts chemical energy into electrical energy. If you take care of the battery, it keeps your machinery reliable.

Since the battery allows your equipment to burn fuel for regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavators to ensure it’s always ready to fire up your engine.

Tips for regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavators

Tips for regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavator

Cleaning of battery

Suppose you keep the surface of your battery clean and dry by wiping away debris and moisture. The terminals should be clean and tight, so the batteries can function and charge appropriately. Equipment operators must understand the specific maintenance tips for the type of battery the excavator uses.


It is essential to consider that when you are working on the battery in your excavator, so you need to wear the correct protective gear to keep your eyes and hands safe. Always use insulated tools for proper safety.

Use the manufacturer’s manual, and follow the steps for regular battery maintenance and replacement in excavators. Equipment manufacturers provide guidelines for handling batteries that are useful when working on your machine.

Battery Electrolyte Level -Check

  1. Tighten the battery retainers on all machines at every 1000-hour interval.
  2. Each battery cell should not need more than 30 ccs of water weekly. Water usage depends on the proper charging rate and a moderate climate.
  3. When operating your excavator in extreme temperatures, it is essential to check the water in the battery cells weekly.
  4. Inspect the electrolyte level in each battery cell. Maintain the electrolyte level and Use distilled water. If distilled water is not available, use clean drinking water.

Wet Cell Batteries

These batteries come with electrolytes that allow a current to flow between the two plates in the device. When the vent seals properly close these batteries, the plates can stay dry. It is impossible to fix the problem, and you can observe that the battery’s capacity is different from the past.

If you are overcharged or left in a low-charge state for a long time, Wet cell batteries can also cause problems. The battery is appropriately recharged in three- steps, which can take up to 16 hours to complete: Constant current, Absorption charge, and Float charge.

AGM Batteries

AGM batteries are highly resistant to sealed, non-spillable, and maintenance-free fluctuation. With these batteries, the electrolyte is in a special acid-saturated fiberglass mat. These batteries are sealed so that gassing does not create a problem.

They are more expensive and are more likely to be damaged if overcharged for the proper recharging of AGM batteries, Bulk charging, Absorption charge, and Float charge.

Right Battery

The most important thing for excavators is they should use high-quality and heavy-duty batteries in their excavators to get a reliable power source. These batteries can also have a longer life, are less powerful, and are the thing you are investing in your mini excavator.

An essential tip for replacing the battery

By following these tips, you can avoid injury or death.

  1. Because the Batteries contain acid, which can burn the eyes and skin on contact. So
  2.  Wear safety gear such as goggles, protective clothing, and rubber gloves to keep acid off the body is very important.
  3. If acid comes into contact with any part of your body, wash it immediately with water.
  4. If eye contact, get prompt medical attention and wash your eye with clean, cool water for at least 15-20 minutes.
  5. If you take the electrolyte in your body, drink large quantities of water or milk! DO NOT induce vomiting. Take immediate medical attention.

The bottom line of battery maintenance and replacement

In the end, remember one thing good battery power will offer good working power to your excavator and increase the lifespan of the mini excavator. If you want more information about taking care of your construction equipment batteries VIST OUR WEBSITE Hixen. You can also contact us.

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