8 Reasons Why Should We Choose A Wheeled Excavator

Why Should We Choose a Wheeled Excavators

Excavators have long been essential in the construction fleets of Europe and Asia. However, their adoption in the United States has been limited due to the scarcity of such machines in the market. With several manufacturers launching a range of new wheeled excavators into the North American market, contractors can reconsider the composition of their fleets. 

In the highly competitive field of road construction, it is imperative to have equipment that can adapt to changing conditions.

Reasons Why Should We Choose A Wheeled Excavator?

Reasons why Should We Choose a Wheeled Excavator?

Wheeled excavators, widely used in Europe, are now gaining popularity in North America, particularly among municipalities and county road departments. Why should we choose a wheeled excavator? So there are several reasons to choose a wheeled excavator. 


Wheeled Excavator mobilities

The ability to drive a wheeled excavator to various job sites can save significant time and cost. By reducing the reliance on a lowboy, contractors can eliminate the need for additional equipment and labor and the time required for loading and unloading the machine. 

Furthermore, operators do not need to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL), unlike truck-mounted excavators, allowing the same person who operates the excavator to drive it, increasing operational efficiency.

Wheeled excavators offer exceptional mobility to their hydrostatic transmission system. The Hydradig is equipped with a separate closed-loop transmission pump, which ensures smooth multifunctioning during transit.


Maneuverability 1

Wheeled excavators provide several advantages in terms of versatility and maneuverability. A short swing-wheeled excavator can work within a single lane of traffic, while a conventional swing machine may require the closure of two lanes. 

Furthermore, wheeled excavators’ stability is on par with tracked excavators, to their outriggers and the choice of the medium or heavy-duty undercarriage. It allows for the same reach, lifting, and digging performance as a tracked excavator without sacrificing maneuverability. 

The Hydradig boasts a reduced tail swing of only 120mm at 90 degrees, making it ideal for working in confined areas. The machine has three steer modes, including 2WS, 4WS, and crab steer, which provide excellent maneuverability.

Additionally, the reverse steer option ensures that steering orientation is always correct, making it easy to operate in a single carriageway with a turning radius of fewer than 4 meters. 

The +/- 8 degrees oscillating front axle provides both traction and stability on uneven ground, ensuring a safe and maneuverable experience for the operator. Finally, the excellent in-cab visibility provides additional assurance for the safe operation of the wheeled excavator.

Flexible configuration

Wheeled excavators offer you a high level of versatility and flexibility. These machines can be outfitted with a range of arm and attachment options to meet the specific requirements of a job. 

The two-piece boom design allows operators to transition easily between tasks, such as placing a jersey barrier, digging a trench, laying a ditch, and cleaning up the worksite with the front blade. This versatility eliminates the need for additional equipment and reduces the time required to switch between tasks. In terms of attachments, the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Lower price

Hixen wheeled excavators, such as those in the company’s range, offer several advantages, including a lower purchase price. In addition to cost savings, wheeled excavators provide:

  1. Greater lifting capacity and breakout force.
  2. Improved visibility.
  3. The ability to rotate 360 degrees.

These features make wheeled excavators ideal for contractors who need to maintain a safe work environment with nearby traffic and pedestrians.


The machine is designed with a reduced counterweight and tail swing, enabling it to work closely against obstacles while providing a clear view of all four wheels and a 1m perimeter around the machine. The engine, tanks, and cooling pack have been relocated to the chassis, allowing for uninterrupted 360-degree visibility. 

360 degree

As a result, the operator can view the trailer hitch, stabilizer, and dozer blade from inside the cab without the need to rotate the machine. Additionally, optional LED lights offer optimal working conditions during nighttime hours. 

Visibility is critical to workplace safety; they are equipped with rearview and side view cameras. This system provides the operator with a real-time bird’s-eye view of the machine, ensuring that the operator can see their surroundings and respond to any potential hazards. 

With the increasing availability of wheeled excavator size choices and attachment options, North American customers can access a wide range of options to meet their specific needs. 


The wheeled excavator has been designed to address the common criticisms associated with wheeled excavators, such as stability issues. The excavator features advanced design elements that enhance its stability and safety while retaining the agility and maneuverability commonly associated with reduced tail swing models. 

The Hydradig’s stability is achieved through its low center of gravity, resulting from the engine placement below the slew ring and a carefully balanced weight distribution. The central mounting of the slew ring, double-skinned service bays, and strategic placement of heavier components within the chassis all contribute to the excavator’s stability. 

Furthermore, the triple articulation boom of the Hydradig offers a full 360-degree tipping capacity of 1,000kg, ensuring that operators can carry out tasks confidently. The excavator also features dual tyres and is equipped with configurable front and rear stabilizers or a dozer blade, further enhancing its stability and versatility.


The Hydradig wheeled excavator has been designed with the comfort and confidence of the operator in mind. It is evident in its advanced features, it not only provides reliable power but also contributes to the excavator’s lower center of gravity. 

The adjustable smooth ride system on the boom circuit provides a more comfortable and controlled experience for the operator.

Safety has also been a key consideration in the design of the Hydradig. 

The excavator features a ROPS and TOPS-certified structure and has the option of a FOPS Level II guard, ensuring that operators are protected from potential hazards. The pressurized cab is another feature that contributes to operator comfort, preventing dust ingress, reducing noise and vibration levels, and creating a more pleasant working environment. 

Operational efficiency is also a key aspect of the wheeled excavator’s design, with a tactile rotary controller providing precise and intuitive control of the excavator’s functions. Its convenient features make it easier for the operator to keep the cab organized and reduce the time spent searching for tools and equipment.

Two-Piece Articulating Boom

The wheeled excavator with a two-piece articulating boom offers a range of benefits to operators, making it an ideal choice for excavation tasks that require flexibility and versatility. The two-piece boom design allows operators to reach farther, dig deeper, and reach higher than they would be able to with a traditional excavator design. 

This extra flexibility allows operators to work around obstacles such as mailboxes, guardrails, and bridges, making it easier to access tight or hard-to-reach areas. The two-piece boom design of the Hydradig also provides a significant advantage over truck-mounted excavators regarding lift capacity and breakout force. The extra lift capacity in tight quarters is a major advantage that enables operators to easily handle heavy loads and complete excavation tasks more efficiently.

The Verdict

So here above, we discuss the benefits of the wheeled excavator to understand. Why should we choose a wheeled excavator? The best choice will depend on the specific requirements of each job and the conditions in which the excavator will be working. It’s important to carefully consider all the factors and make an informed decision based on the specific needs of your project. We, Hixen, are also selling wheeled excavators at affordable prices. If you need any information you can contact us.

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