Importing a Compact Excavator From China—An Ultimate Guide in 2023

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The daily life applications of compact excavators are increasing every single day and multiple brands are coming into the market. Some famous brands are earning great profits by selling these excavators to multiple countries. These brands include Komatsu, Kubota, Hitachi, Bobcat, Caterpillar, XCMG, John Deere, Ritchie Bros, etc.

Importing compact excavators from china is a hot topic and a matter of concern for several buyers and investors. This is because excavators from China are known for having a high quality and affordable budget. This makes everyone want to import the machines from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

How to import compact excavator from China?

After years of struggle and research, the Chinese are becoming leading manufacturers of compact excavators and other machines. Their manufacturing technology is reliable and mature with the passage of time. Buying from China is a good decision but you may not be able to inspect the product since it is a faraway country. So, How to do it?

You need to have detailed guidance about how to initiate the buying process from China. This guide is all about the details regarding importing a mini excavator from China. Keep reading the article till the end.

Why You Should Import or Buy From China?

Importing from China is a great idea. But you should know why you really want to import it from another country instead of buying from your own place. This is a common fact that Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality products and sell them at affordable prices. However, this is not the only convincing reason to import compact excavators from China.

People love to deal with manufacturers who can give amazing pre-sales and after-sales services. Moreover, the customization of products for customer satisfaction is another best thing that people love. You can easily get all these things when buying new or used mini excavators from China. The prices are also negotiable. If you order more than one piece, the Chinese give amazing discounts.

The best thing about importing from China is that their excavators are easy to maintain and you can get in touch with the manufacturer in case of any problem. All these benefits together can make you import excavators from China. However, there are some risks and dangers also involved in the importing process that you should know. Continue reading to explore them!

mini excavators import from china

What Risks Can Come When Importing From China?

The risks of importing your mini excavators from China usually come when you don’t know how to make the right purchase. Some most common risks or dangers of importing your micro excavators from China are listed below:

  • Getting Scammed By A Fake Manufacturer Or Dishonest Seller
  • Getting A Damaged Product
  • Getting The Wrong Product
  • Getting A Product That May Not Work Well
  • Not Being Able To Get Help If Something Goes Wrong

All these risks usually come up if you don’t follow the proper steps to import a mini excavator from China. You have to do in-depth research if you want to invest in a really good product. Don’t worry, this article will give you such amazing guidance that you will be able to make the best decision at the end of reading the article.

Continue reading to explore and know the most important steps when importing a mini excavator from China.

Steps To Follow When Importing From China.

So you really want to import from China with authenticity and not deal with any kind of risk. Right? Here are some amazing steps that can help you start your journey of importing from China in the best possible way. Make sure you follow all of these steps to get your ideal mini excavators at your doorsteps.

Steps to import excavator
  1. First of all, you should know what kind of excavator you want. You have to be right about the required size, type, specifications, and features.
    These features can be operating weight, bucket type, swing boom, dig depth, power, model, overall size, and other things to maximize productivity.
  2. Know your budget so you can choose a manufacturer offering an excavator within your budget.
  3. Search on the internet for the range of best mini excavator brands in China.
  4. Consult your colleagues and friends for better guidance and suggestions.
  5. Make a list of preferred manufacturers or suppliers.
  6. Check the reviews of manufacturers through their websites.
  7. Contact your preferred manufacturers and have a detailed discussion with them.
  8. Note down the prices, features, services (after-sales and pre-sales), payment methods, and other factors about each manufacturer.
  9. Choose the one that can fulfill all your requirements within your affordable budget.
  10. Import your ideal excavator into your country.
1 ton mini excavator import from china

How To Choose The Best Supplier Or Manufacturer?

While following the steps to choose the right manufacturer or supplier of excavators, it is important to focus on this topic. As you know the Chinese excavators market is expanding every single day so you have to be sure that you are choosing the right person to deal with. So here are a few steps that can help you deal with choosing the right manufacturer.

choose manufacturer or trading company

Which One To Prefer: A Manufacturer Or A Trader?

Now, this is the most common problem faced by most customers across the globe. You can see there are trading companies as well as manufacturing factories for compact excavators, vocational trucks, and other machinery. Choosing between the two can be confusing. Most of the time, it depends on your personal choice and your budget.

The only difference between a manufacturer and a trader is that a manufacturer offers low prices. While the traders can give you amazing and detailed services but at expensive prices. It is also a fact that trading customers are also good at their attitude toward their customers.

You don’t need to worry about whether it is a manufacturer or a trader, all you have to do is to find the one that offers you better prices as well as services. Some Chinese provinces are known for having the most manufacturing factories. These manufacturing factories can be found mostly in Shandong. It is known as a construction machinery manufacturing base.

While most excavator factories are also found in Jinan, Tai’an, Liaocheng, and Jining city.

1 ton mini excavator import from china

How To Find The Reliable Trader Or Manufacturer

Finding a reliable trader or manufacturer can be a headache if you don’t know how to find one. Since there are multiple manufacturers in the market so there are higher chances of scams and fraud. This lead to the fact that you have to be sure about the authenticity of your manufacturer. When you are finding the right company for you, You may also face SOHOs.

SOHOs in China are those companies that are usually run by one or two people. Most of these small companies are reliable but if you get the ones that aren’t authentic, they will run with your money. This is why you need to trust the selected company carefully. There are a few factors listed below. You can follow them to get yourself the best manufacturing partner.

How to import a small excavator from China?

1. Checking the License Of the Manufacturer

  • This is something that can ensure if your company is authentic or not. It is a fact that when a manufacturer starts its business in China, it needs to have a license. Without the license, his services or products are not considered eligible in China. You have to make sure that the manufacturing company you are choosing, should have a license.

2. Checking Custom Data Of The Company

  • Custom data of your company will help you determine whether your company is a living company or not. There is a custom record between 20 countries and China. You need to visit the particular website for checking the custom data of your selected manufacturers. If you don’t find the selected manufacturer’s name in the list, don’t try to trust him.

3. Checking Its Stores On Famous Selling Websites

  • Manufacturers in China establish they’re online on multiple platforms. Some famous platforms to buy from China are Alibaba and You need to check whether your manufacturer is also selling its products on those platforms or not. If you find their name on those stores then you should check the reviews of customers for better investigation.

4. Checking Its Website

  • It is common for manufacturers and traders in China to have a website for their business. You need to check if they are selling their products through a website or not. Note that having a website in China is not an easy thing to do. If your manufacturer owns one, then you should know that it is an authentic one.
HIXEN mini excavcator client review

However, you still need to check the reviews of your manufacturer on his website. You learn about the services and other products of your manufacturer through his website.

5. Video Call Verification

  • When you are purchasing your zero tail swing mini equipment from China, it may not be easy for you to go into the factory. At the same time, you may want to check if they own a real authentic factory or not. In this situation, you can ask your manufacturer to give you a video call verification for their factory and popular models.

6. Chinese Friends And Customers Evaluation

  • If you have a friend from China, you can take his or her help to make the evaluation process easy. Moreover, you can ask the customers around you who already bought from these manufacturers. They can give a better review of the services that your manufacturer is offering.
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How To Analyse The Quality Of A Mini Excavator?

As described above that there are multiple excavator manufacturing companies in Liaocheng and Jining. You will find multiple factories that are buying the parts of excavators from one factory only. This may create confusion while inspecting your little excavator in terms of quality. Some quality analyzing points are given below for your help:

  • The joystick of your mini excavators should be designed with a safety plate. This feature helps to improve safety as well as allows convenient maintenance of your excavator. If this is not the case then there are more chances of damage to your mini excavators.
  • You should make sure that the company is manufacturing compact excavators according to the manufacturing standards. Moreover, there should be proper procedure and neatness in manufacturing your small excavator. If there exists no standardization in the assembly of equipment, you should know that the manufacturer is not maintaining the quality.
  • Check if your small excavators can install a throttle valve since it ensures stable and efficient operations. The actions through a throttle valve are smoother and easy.
  • Check if the mini excavators you are buying, include high-quality shock-absorbing seats. Most of the shock-absorbing seats are built with leather material. This feature allows more comfort for operators and reduces fatigue.
  • The mini excavators should have a high-quality and upgraded dashboard for better operating of the machine.
  • You need to ask the manufacturer if he is offering any additional accessories or attachments in case you have more requirements. For example, if you need a particular accessory to attain an ideal digging depth for small projects then you should ask for it.
check quality of mini excavator

Payment Procedures

The payment procedure is something that you always need to confirm when making a deal with your manufacturer. Make sure that you can afford the budget of the excavator that you are purchasing. Most people forget this factor when making cooperation for the first time. This situation leads to problems when the time to deliver the micro excavator comes.

  • Chinese manufacturers have some particular payment methods and you should know about them. You should arrange one if you don’t have their preferred method of payment. In most cases, if you are ordering a small product, the manufacturer will prefer to get the payment through the T/T method.
Payment to China by TT
  • People also look for payments through the Open Account method but it is not acceptable when you place small orders.
  • TT payment method is another popular way to pay in China. In this case, you need to give a 30% advance payment. The other 70% of payment is done through a copy of the bill of lading through TT or LC.
  • If you are planning to deal with your manufacturer for large orders or long term, then you should place a small order first. This is something that most people ignore. But this process is quite helpful when you need to make sure that the manufacturer is fulfilling your requirements.
  • If you are dealing with other companies in China, you can ask them to review your selected manufacturer in China. This will reduce the risks to a large extent.
  • You should find a reliable and familiar cargo agent. It will cost you higher but you will receive the product in your country with safety and no damages.

Pre-Sale And After-sale services

Pre-sale and after-sale services are two important aspects that finalize whether you should purchase from a manufacturer or not. When you re-checking the website of a manufacturer, you need to check what pre-sales and after-sales services he is offering. Make sure that your supplier is prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Most manufacturers also offer customization of mini excavators in pre-sale services. This process can help you get your ideal product without the need to check multiple manufacturers. You just need to tell them your required features, specifications, types, and sizes to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will discuss your required design with his staff and produce one for you.

However, note that pre-sales services aren’t the only thing that you need. You can be still in a problem if your wholesaler is not offering better after-sales services. For example, you start facing problems with your china digger but your manufacturer hasn’t given you any guarantee or after-sales help. This may waste your time and cost you extra money.

Services of company

When importing mini excavators from China, you have to know that you will mostly get a guarantee of one year. Since China is a faraway country, so you cannot get it repaired easily through the actual manufacturer. Therefore, you have to be ready for such scenarios when purchasing from Chinese wholesalers.

However, there are also some manufacturers, that offer you more than one year guarantee. During this time period, you can get all the quality issues resolved free of cost through the supplying company. At the same time, you need to take care of a few important aspects of your little construction equipment:

  1. You should choose those accessories that have a higher recognition in the market.
  2. You should maintain your mini excavators on daily basis to avoid any extra o useless damage.
  3. You should ask the manufacturer to provide you with a maintenance and user manual to make things easier for you.
  4. If you also own a business of excavator then find a seller that can give you comprehensive support.
hixen mini digger package and transportation

An important thing to know when importing from China is the transportation of your compact diggers. It is a common fact that most mini excavators are imported by sea to another country. The costs of larger ports are generally lower than the costs of smaller ports. The shipment of your product may take 20 to 50 days. Note that there is no such fee at Chinese ports.

Import Terms When Purchasing A Compact Digger From China?

When you have finalized all the processes and chosen your favorite manufacturer, now it is time to know about the import terms. If you will not have enough knowledge about importing and the related terms, you may end up only wasting your time and money. These import terms can be customs, VAT, taxes, and port charges.

Note that the import duty rates and other terms may not be the same in each country. So you need to know what your country is offering. Each country contains its own particular rules for importing and exporting.

How to import a small excavator from China?

As a matter of fact, Covid-19 is a major factor that affected the rates of import duties, taxes, and other import charges. At the same time, there are some countries that efficiently maintained all the import rates during Covid-19 such as the USA, EU, UK, and Australia.

  • In most cases, the import duty rates increase or decrease according to the freight costs. So when you know the freight cost is increasing, the import duty rate also increases.
  • There is a good example of RCEP countries that benefit from lesser or zero tariffs and customs.
  • Some countries offer a constant and same import duty tax on several products but it may vary in some categories. For example, food and agricultural products may have different tax rates.
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule, also known as HTS, is an efficient way to calculate import duties. It is a document file to know about import rates across the world.
  • If you are USA-based then you need to pay the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF). This fee varies according to the cost of your products.
  • There is a term HMF (Harmonized Maintenance Fee) that was invented for the maintenance of containers of your products. It is about 0.125% of your cargo fee. You can pay this fee for the better security of your compact excavators.
  • There are some VAT taxes but you don’t have to pay VAT for a compact excavator since it is charged only on alcohol and tobacco.
  • Note that all these taxes are determined based on the FOB costs. Make sure that you calculate the Free On Board costs effectively.

Knowing and managing all these terms might not be easy for you if you are importing them on your own. This is why you should always hire an import expert to make things easier for you.

compact excavators from china


The conclusion comes from the fact that importing your small excavator from China can be easy if you know all the required terms. You should know about choosing the ideal manufacturer and ideal excavator by following some simple and easier steps. The import process is a little complicated but it can be resolved by taking help from an expert.

Know that you have to choose your import expert and the manufacturer very carefully. If you want a highly experienced and skilled dealer or wholesaler for your mini excavator, Contact Us now. This can save you from the struggle of research and other procedures and have a better private buying experience.

We always guide our customers and make sure they are satisfied. You can check our popular categories of mini excavators to get the excavation job done in the best possible ways. Once you make a purchase, you can also rent the compact excavator to earn a profit.

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