Cheap Mini Excavators Vs Expensive Mini Excavators, Which To Choose

Cheap Mini Excavators Vs Expensive Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are one of the most versatile machines on any construction site. These compact machines are designed to perform many tasks in tight spaces where bigger equipment cannot fit. They are popular with commercial and residential customers for their ability to easily dig, demolish, move materials, and perform various other tasks.

However, when purchasing a mini excavator, there are two cheap and expensive options. As the names suggest, the former is the affordable version of the machine, while the latter is the high-end version with a premium price tag. In this article, we will compare Cheap mini excavators vs. expensive mini excavators that help you in your buying.

Mini Excavators may be purchased for less than $19,230, especially on the secondhand market. Even though the word “small” could lead someone to believe that mini excavators will be affordable, the top models in the class can easily cost more than $60,000. However, suppose you’re working on a smaller scale and are more interested in a more affordable mini-excavator. In that case, certain possibilities, particularly on the secondhand market, are offered for $19,700 or less.

Cheap Mini Excavators vs Expensive Mini Excavators

The Price Difference

The Price Difference

The price is the most significant difference between a cheap mini excavator and an expensive one. Cheap mini excavators can cost between $10,000 to $30,000, while an expensive one can cost upwards of $100,000. Naturally, the cost will depend on the make and model of the machine, its age, and its condition.

Hixen offers you a Cheap Price High-Quality China Hixen 2.2 Ton Mini Digger Excavator
US$ 9600-12600, while 2 Ton Chinese Hydraulic Crawler Mini Excavator with Telescopic Chassis Crawler for Sale Small Micro Digger Machine Discount Price US$ 7500-8500. These units’ prices rise as a result of added features. In order to expand the unit’s versatility, it takes the shape of additional buckets or specialized accessories that may be offered with the unit.

Buckets with a significantly greater range of control than the normal alternatives are the cheapest and best used in precise circumstances.  The cost of adding additional attachments, like a post-hole auger, may go up, but the excavator’s flexibility may also rise.

The Performance Difference

The Performance Difference

Cheap compact excavators are often less powerful than their expensive counterparts. It means they may need to be more suitable for heavy-duty tasks like demolition or excavation in tough soils. However, they can perform basic tasks like digging, leveling, and moving materials around a job site.

On the other hand, Expensive mini excavators are designed to handle more demanding tasks. They come with larger engines and hydraulic systems and can perform tasks more efficiently. They are ideal for professionals who need to use the machine for extended periods and demand high-performance levels.

The Quality Difference

The Quality Difference

Quality is another key factor differentiating a cheap mini excavator from an expensive one. Cheap excavators are often made from less durable materials and may come with a different level of precision than their expensive counterparts. They may also lack certain essential features for safe and efficient operation.

At the same time, Expensive mini excavators are made from high-quality materials and designed with precision. They come with features that make them easy to operate and maintain and are built to last. You can expect an expensive mini excavator to give you a more extended service life than a cheap one.

The Maintenance Difference

Maintenance Difference

Maintenance is an essential factor when it comes to mini excavators. The frequency and cost of maintenance can vary significantly between a cheap mini excavator and an expensive one. Cheap mini excavators may require frequent maintenance, and the maintenance cost can quickly increase.

The quality of parts used in maintenance may also be lower in cheap mini excavators, leading to further issues and costs down the line. In contrast, Expensive mini excavators come with better quality parts and require less frequent maintenance. They also come with warranties that cover any repair or maintenance costs for a certain period.

The Resale Value Difference

Resale Value

The resale value is another important factor when purchasing a mini excavator. Cheap mini excavators typically have lower resale value compared to their expensive counterparts. It is because they may have a shorter service life, require more maintenance, and have a different level of performance. Expensive mini excavators, on the other hand, have higher resale value.

It is because they are made from high-quality materials, have a longer service life, and come with better features and performance. They are also more in demand among professionals and can fetch a higher price on the used market.

Comparison Table Cheap Mini Excavators vs Expensive Mini Excavators

AspectCheap Mini ExcavatorExpensive Mini Excavator
PriceLower cost, more accessible to smaller businesses or individuals with lower budgets.Higher cost, often out of reach for small businesses or individuals, but may be more justifiable for larger projects.
QualityLower quality materials and construction.Higher quality materials and construction.
DurabilityLess durable, may not withstand heavy or frequent use over extended periods of time.More durable, able to withstand heavy or frequent use over extended periods of time.
Engine PowerLower engine power, which may limit the types of jobs it can handle.Higher engine power, allowing it to handle larger and more complex jobs.
Hydraulic CapacityLower hydraulic capacity, which may limit the types of attachments that can be used.Higher hydraulic capacity, allowing for more attachments and greater versatility.
Digging DepthShallower digging depth, which may not be suitable for certain types of excavation work.Deeper digging depth, allowing for a wider range of excavation work.
Operating EfficiencyLess efficient operation, which may result in longer completion times for projects.More efficient operation, allowing for faster completion times and greater productivity.
AttachmentsFewer attachment options, which may limit the types of jobs it can handle.More attachment options, allowing for greater versatility and flexibility.
Resale ValueLower resale value, which may make it more difficult to recoup the initial investment.Higher resale value, which can help to offset the higher initial cost.

What to Look for in Low-Cost Mini Excavators?

When considering the purchase of a mini excavator, it is crucial to clearly understand the specific conditions in which the machine will be utilized, particularly regarding the required dig depth. This information will serve as a valuable guide in narrowing down the available options in the market.

The mode of transport for the equipment must also be taken into account to ensure that it can be efficiently and cost-effectively moved between work sites. For instance, a mini excavator that is within the towing capacity of a standard pickup truck may be a more practical choice.

mini excavator

Moreover, it is vital to prioritize ease of control and operator comfort when selecting a mini excavator. Operators are often required to work extended hours in these machines, and any discomfort or difficulty in operation can lead to a frustrating experience.

It is advisable to take the equipment for a test run before purchasing to fully assess its functionality and performance in real-world conditions instead of relying solely on sales presentations.


In conclusion, whether you opt for a cheap or an expensive mini excavator, you must consider your specific needs, budget, and long-term goals. Make sure you do your research and choose a reputable dealer and brand. Proper care and maintenance make a mini excavator a valuable addition to any construction site. It can help you save time and money while improving your productivity and efficiency. We offer both cheap and expensive mini excavators. If you want any information, you can contact us. 

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