How To Buy A Compact Wheeled Excavator From China?

How To Buy A Compact Wheeled Excavator From China?

How to buy a compact wheeled excavator from China? A compact wheeled excavator is a highly capable machine that is wonderful for various applications. You can buy them from many countries. But China’s heavy construction equipment industry is making massive progress at the global level.

Many manufacturers in China make heavy construction equipment such as mini excavators, compact wheeled excavators, etc. With the increasing demand for construction products, china also increases the quality of its products.

A compact wheeled excavator from China provides outstanding traction, swing force, and breakout force. The tear-out force in a compact size class allows for convenient road travel and excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. But the question is how to buy a compact excavator from china? Chinese manufacturers made huge progress due to innovations in their businesses.

However, It is a bit confusing to buy excavators and other heavy construction products from China’s market because there are a lot of excavator manufacturers. You can analyze manufacturers and brands while comparing them. Each brand provides unique features, manufacturing costs, and benefits that complicate the decision-making process for the compact wheeled excavator.

Chinese manufacturers made great progress because of innovations in their businesses. When you decide to invest in compact wheeled excavators, you should choose a brand that can fulfill your requirements in better ways. So for your help, we are writing this article, so you can choose the best different compact excavator brands that match your needs.

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Analyze the Best Compact Wheeled Excavator Suppliers in China

Before buying a compact wheeled excavator from china, you should analyze the different suppliers. So you can select the best one for you.


XCMG Group is a Chinese multinational state heavy machinery manufacturing company headquartered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The brand was founded in 1989, and XCMG now takes the first rank in the Chinese construction machinery industry


It is 3rd in the world, 4th in China’s top 100 machinery enterprises, and 409th in the world’s top 500 brands. Although the company is making huge progress, its crane crawler with a 4000-tons weight is the most popular product. The company supplies all types of construction machinery. Some popular machinery of XCMG: 

XCMG wheel excavator has multiple functions, such as backhoe excavating, crushing, drilling and clamping. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of easy transfer, low energy consumption, flexibility and adaptability at a low price, and lightweight and convenient maintenance.

Performance Characteristics of compact wheeled excavator:

1. It has a hydraulic load-sensitive system; it makes a start more smoothly, works better, and uses less oil.

2. It Also offers excellent durability and stability.

3. The product is tested from all sides as strength and toughness of the material and structure. It has been strictly tested under the most extreme conditions.

4. Give you ensures of operator’s safety, and improve driving comfort.


Sany in Lianyuan Welding Material Ltd, a company founded in 1986.The Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, and Yuan Jinhua. They left their previous jobs and established their company with a capital of sixty thousand yuans in Mustang, the county-level city of Lianyuan.In 1991 Lianyuan Welding headquarters officially went to Changsha.

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The company has experienced continuous fast growth, encouraged by China’s economic boom and specific growth in its construction sector. After the split share structure reform was completed on June 17, 2005, the company realized the full circulation of its shares. SANY is the first Chinese company that enters the global 500 Financial Times.

It is how it garnered multiple accomplishments to prove its best products in the market. It has 90,000+ employees across the world. First Chinese brand to make it to the Forbes Global 2000 rankings. It shows its best services wherever you live. This is how it is supporting its global operations. SANY manufacturers lie in concrete machinery. The best part is that SANY ranks number 1 for its concrete machines worldwide. The most famous heavy machinery such, Crawler cranes, Truck cranes, Truck-mounted concrete pumps, and truck pumps.


Zoomlion Heavy Industry is a Chinese construction machinery manufacturer. In Changsha, Hunan, China, its headquarters are in the Zoomlion Science Park in Changsha, Hunan, China. Zoomlion is China’s biggest and the world’s fifth-largest construction machinery enterprise.


Zoomlion is the latest company on the list. That was founded in 1992. However, but doesn’t mean that Zoomlion lacks quality. The brand has a 2000-ton crane with the highest hoisting capacity globally. It manufactured a 3200-tons crawler for the first time in China. It has also ranked 73rd most reliable Chinese brand and the 133rd most influential Asian brand.

It is China’s largest and the world’s 6th largest brand for construction machinery in the world. Products are mainly truck-mounted, purpose-specific machinery, and heavy machinery. More bulldozers, concrete machinery, cranes, excavators, garbage compactor machinery, loaders, pile foundation rotary drilling rigs, street sweepers, and various other road surface vehicles are products. Chinese construction equipment maker Zoomlion has started work on an excavator factory capable of producing machinery worth about $2.8bn a year.


LiuGong, officially Guangxi LiuGong, is a Chinese multinational construction machinery manufacturing company. It is headquartered situated in Liuzhou, China. It is the world’s 10th-largest construction equipment manufacturer by market share and the world’s largest manufacturer of wheel loaders. The company was founded in 1958 in Liuzhou. Its products include wheel loaders, bulldozers, skid steer loaders, forklifts, motor graders, excavators, long reach excavators, rollers, and truck mounted.


There are more products, such as crawler cranes, pavers, mini excavators, drilling machines, mining dump trucks, concrete equipment, and cold planners. Liugong was founded 65 years ago, and since that day, it has never disappointed its customers. They made all efforts to be a well-reputed brand globally, and now they supply more than 100 countries.

Liugong is the biggest manufacturer of wheel loaders. However, they didn’t get much popularity for their excavators—the US $7.7 billion annual export volume.LiuGong compact wheeled excavators have low fuel consumption engines with power; boom anti-drift functions stabilize booms for precise operations. It also has minimal kickback during swing functions for comfort, control, and damage prevention; easy engine access and key placement of key maintenance items; air, fuel, and pilot filters are all checkable from ground level and so much more.

They also provide you operator comfort and safety are also a priority with a well-designed cab using ergonomically placed instruments, sound suppressing and an air-conditioned environment, all-around visibility, and durable and easy-to-clean floor mats.


Shantui is another Chinese excavators brands. The core product line of the brand is bulldozers. However, this brand is best known for its bulldozers. If you need a high-quality bulldozer, you may not find anyone better than the Shantui. Shantui Construction Machinery is a Chinese construction equipment maker and a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry.

The core product line is bulldozers, but the company has expanded beyond reliance on a single product through an acquisition strategy in past years. The best part about them is that they always make amazing product improvements. You are surprised to know about their product 5G-remote-controlled bulldozer with amazingly high power. It Comes on number 38th for manufacturing construction machines and US$7.06 billion as annual export volume.


The (CIMC) China International Marine Containers Co is a Chinese company principally engaged in manufacturing and selling transportation equipment, such as containers, road transport vehicles, and airport ground-handling equipment. It is one of the 200 components of the SZSE 200 Index (the mid-cap index of 101st to 300th companies. CIMC is 73rd among the 500 best Chinese brands, with an annual US $ 94.2 billion export volume.



If you need a mini-wheeled excavator for your household or running the business, you need an experienced supplier who can build your brand and grow your profits. Let HIOSEN helps you achieve business success.



HIXEN is one of the leading manufacturers of mini-wheeled and other excavators based in China. The products have been enjoying a great reputation, especially the mini excavators, because of their reliable quality and affordable prices.No matter if you need a mini digger for your work or distribute at your local place, click the button, and you’ll get beyond your expectations.

Why Choose A Wheel Excavator From HIXEN

Why Choose A Wheel Excavator From Us

Quick Delivery Period: With most models available in stock, we can supply the wheel excavators in a quick move.

Quick Feedback Mechanism: Whether you are inquiring about the products or need help using the wheel excavators, we are always here, 7*24 available. 

Reliable Quality: Over the years, we have gained much experience in manufacturing. Each wheel excavator is high quality so you can use it without further worries.

Trustworthy Manufacturer: You can always find a good solution here if you want to buy a wheeled excavator. We are keen to provide suggestions depending on your specific requirement and budget. 

Helping Factors to find a reliable compact wheeled excavator supplier

Helping Factors to find a reliable compact wheeled excavator supplier

Now that you have learned about the best Chinese brands, choosing the right wheeled excavator is easy. It all depends on your worksite, demand, and the factors you consider to choose the right suppliers. 

Check the company’s business license: When buying a compact wheeled excavator from any brand, you should check the seller’s business license to see the company’s establishment time. It will help you find some companies that have been in business for a long time.

Customs data: There are trade data between Chinese companies and more than 20 countries in the customs data. So you can search for the company’s export status and confirm whether it is a living company.

Have Alibaba and Made-in-China stores or not?: Cross-border e-commerce is a remarkable trend in the future, and Alibaba and are the two biggest websites in China. You can get information about being officially certified by international certification companies.

Own website: An essential feature you can check in this period is the company’s website. Building a qualified foreign trade website in China takes a lot of money. The powerful companies will have a perfect user experience website. At the same time, the strong company will have a website with an ideal user experience.

Video verification: You can view the seller’s factory and office scenes with video calls.

Help from Chinese friends: If you have a friend from China, you can also explore the brand or seller’s information.

The identification of the quality of the compact wheeled excavator

We tell you about the various mini-wheeled excavators and know you can match your requirements with the brand’s qualities. It is difficult to judge whether it is good or bad from the appearance of compact wheeled excavators. But there are some aspects that you can inquire about the excavator factory:

1. Whether it is convenient for maintenance and improves safety.

2. Is there a standardized equipment manufacturing process and standardization of equipment assembly?

3. Whether it is more convenient to smear grease, the action is smoother during work, and the work efficiency improves.

4. Install shock-absorbing leather seats to increase comfort and reduce operator fatigue.


Payment is also an attention payable point, Especially when buying something for the first time. You can follow many things:

1. If your order is small, Chinese machinery sellers rarely accept OA, and LC is a suitable payment method.

2. TT payment is more common in China; you can select a 30% advance payment, and a copy of the bill of lading will pay the leftover part.

After-sales service

Suppose you want to buy a compact wheeled Chinese excavator brand that can conform to the after-sales service. There are almost no overseas after-sales service points for small-wheeled excavators in China, so you must be prepared for this. Generally, they offer one year guarantee.

HIXEN excavator manufacturers are good at small-sized wheeled excavators. You can buy multiple amazing models within the affordable money range. You can buy products ranging from 0.8 to 23 tons of hydraulics crawler excavators.

They have consumers in more than 30 countries. There are modern automated production lines in the 8000 m² factories. You can expect amazing pre-sales and after-sales services from more than 100 professionals and technicians available on-site. They have an Advanced manufacturing base and a Response time of 24 hours.

Advice to Buyers

When considering a mini-wheeled excavator, consider an excavator built with low fuel consumption engines and equipped with a boom anti-drift function and offer you high productivity. When choosing a machine, ensure it is designed for easy monitoring and maintenance to make your daily work go smoothly. You also look for a safe and comfortable cab standard on all units and provide an excellent operator environment.


Knowing about the best compact wheeled excavator manufacturers from China can make it easy for you to decide. Now you must know which brands can be the best match for your small wheeled excavator. However, you must ensure that your research on suppliers comes from all possible sources.

We are one of China’s leading small to compact wheeled excavator manufacturers. Unlike other brands, they are most specifically known for our mini-wheeled excavators. Contact Us now if you want to know more about excavator manufacturers in China.

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