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Our excavator features an original imported hydraulic system that allows for simultaneous operation of multiple actions with stable and durable performance. Enhanced by a two-way telescopic disk bottom, the mini excavator achieves superior maneuverability and passability. Safety is prioritized with top-mounted oil cylinders and built-in oil pipes, ensuring robust protection during operation.

This versatile machine excels in multifunctionality, serving as an agricultural mini-excavator capable of digging, crushing, drilling, bulldozing, grabbing, and more. With quick accessory changes, it maximizes equipment utilization, making it an ideal choice for various demanding tasks.

We offer an extensive selection of optional parts and work tools to cater to a wide range of applications. Our lineup includes various attachments such as grabs, forks, and pulverizers, ensuring versatility to meet diverse operational needs. Additionally, we provide a variety of fixtures designed to optimize machine performance.

The auxiliary hydraulic lines are strategically positioned at the base of the boom, simplifying the installation of auxiliary hydraulic circuits. This streamlined setup reduces installation time, minimizes the need for additional parts, and lowers overall costs associated with integrating work tools.

Specification Details
Model HX30
Bucket capacity 0.1 m³
Engine Laidong/Changchai/Yanmar/Kubota
Walking speed 2.7 Km/h
Rotation speed 10 r/min
Total length 4180 mm
Total width 1350 mm
Total height 2200 mm
Crawler length 2000 mm
Crawler width 230 mm
Body width 1350 mm
Maximum digging height 3900 mm
Maximum dumping height 2600 mm
Maximum digging depth 2500 mm
Maximum digging radius 4040 mm
Platform clearance to ground 458 mm
Swing angle 360°
Climbing gradient 30°

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Mini excavators have been enjoying a great market for years. The output of HIXEN has reached 2000 sets per year and is also increasing rapidly. We are sincerely hoping you can join us to reach mutual success.

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Our Happy Clients

Marking Manager, OTP Industries
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We have imported from HIXEN many times for the excavators. The mini diggers have a very good market here and are far more beyond our expections. Since the spare parts are not easy to find locally, every time we will also purchase some for urgent replacement. Certainly, they also provided some wearing parts, so the market here is always good. Really appreciate that, hope the relation could last long.
CEO, TDG llc
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We have been been importing construction machines from China many years. Our purchase department found HIXEN on Google, and we started a trial order with model of HX20. Their quick delivery really impressed us. The excavator also proved to be of good quality, so we imported more sets every month from then. Surely, there are some problems when the goods arring here, and some after-sales problems happend. Hixen could always help solve that kind of issue. The excavators are worth that price. Good service could always give us confidence.
Self-use for house
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Heard the mini diggers from China are cheap and good to use, so I searched on Google and purchased the HX18T from HIXEN. Lacking knowledge of transportation, they helped me delivered directly to my house. Surely,the pre-payment worries disappear only until one shipping forwarder notice me that the good will arrive. The micro excavator is also proved to be good to use.

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