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HIXEN stands out as a trusted name among Chinese excavator manufacturers, renowned for our commitment to quality assurance in every piece of equipment we produce. The HIXEN 2.7 ton excavator embodies innovation with its zero-tail swing design, allowing effortless maneuverability and seamless turning even in the most confined spaces. Coupled with a spacious cabin and a sturdy undercarriage, it ensures unparalleled stability, promising reliability and durability for extended operational use.

The HIXEN zero tail swing excavator is purpose-built to tackle jobs beyond the reach of larger excavators, making it a versatile choice across multiple industries. Whether in landscaping, utility installations, forestry projects, or construction sites, the HIXEN excels with its robust capabilities and agile performance. Our commitment to prioritizing solution-driven strategies ensures that each machine is tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we provide a wide array of excavator attachments, such as hammers, buckets, augers, grapples, and snow blades, enhancing versatility and productivity across various applications.

HIXEN benefits from the strong backing of the SOE group, ensuring reliable financial and technological support for our advanced machine manufacturing processes. With extensive production facilities spanning over 50,000 square meters, we maintain stable annual production capabilities and a robust supply chain, guaranteeing timely delivery of even large-scale orders. Our dedicated team of HIXEN experts is committed to providing unparalleled service. From remote technical guidance to comprehensive after-sales support, we are always available to ensure your machines operate at peak performance throughout their lifespan.

We offer extensive OEM/ODM support, allowing you to customize your equipment to meet specific preferences and branding requirements. Tailor your machine with choices in parts brands, colors, logos, and more. This flexibility ensures that every HIXEN excavator not only meets operational needs but also reflects your unique identity and enhances brand recognition on every job site.

Our excavators feature Kubota engines, renowned for their reliability and performance. They meet stringent EPA and Euro 5 emission standards, ensuring environmentally responsible operation while delivering powerful performance on every job.

Our excavators come equipped with durable rubber tracks that provide excellent traction and minimize surface damage. The undercarriage is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, allowing you to tailor it for various terrains and operational requirements.

We offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty on our excavators, backed by dedicated after-sales service. Our commitment ensures that you receive reliable support and assistance, guaranteeing peace of mind throughout your ownership experience.

Emission Standard EPA4/EURO 5
Model D1105
Power /Rotation speed 14kw(19HP)@2200rpm
Number of cylinder 3
Type Water cooled, in-line,4-stroke,mechnical pump. Naturally aspirated
Max. torque of engine 70.3Nm/ 1600rpm
Displacement of engine 1.123L
Engine oil capacity 5.1L
Maximum Travel speed(High-Low speed) 2.6/4.5km/h
Width of track shoe(Rubber ) 300mm
Carrier roller(one side) 1
Support wheel(one side) 3
Standard bucket capacity 0.1m³
Width of standard bucket 500mm
Swing speed 10 rpm
Max. Grade ability 58%
Max. Bucket digging force 23.5KN
Max. Arm digging force 14KN
Hydraulic system pressure 20.5Mpa
Ground pressure 24Kpa
Machine weight 2750kg
Fuel tank capacity 23L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 24L
Flow of main pump(Variable piston pump) 61.6L/ min
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 4195mm*1550mm*2480mm
Axle base(Track length on ground) 1565mm
Track gauge 1250mm
Min.Ground clearance 286mm
Swing radius at tail 860mm
Boom length 2200mm
Arm length 1300mm
Max. Digging height 4427mm
Max. Dumping height 3005mm
Max. Digging depth 2830mm
Max. Vertical digging depth 2530mm
Max. Digging radius 4835mm
Min .swing radius at front 2160mm
Max. Lifting height of blade 308mm
Max. Cutting depth of blade 363mm
Boom swing angle(Left) 69°
Boom swing angle(Right) 45°

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Mini excavators have been enjoying a great market for years. The output of HIXEN has reached 2000 sets per year and is also increasing rapidly. We are sincerely hoping you can join us to reach mutual success.

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Marking Manager, OTP Industries
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We have imported from HIXEN many times for the excavators. The mini diggers have a very good market here and are far more beyond our expections. Since the spare parts are not easy to find locally, every time we will also purchase some for urgent replacement. Certainly, they also provided some wearing parts, so the market here is always good. Really appreciate that, hope the relation could last long.
CEO, TDG llc
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We have been been importing construction machines from China many years. Our purchase department found HIXEN on Google, and we started a trial order with model of HX20. Their quick delivery really impressed us. The excavator also proved to be of good quality, so we imported more sets every month from then. Surely, there are some problems when the goods arring here, and some after-sales problems happend. Hixen could always help solve that kind of issue. The excavators are worth that price. Good service could always give us confidence.
Self-use for house
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Heard the mini diggers from China are cheap and good to use, so I searched on Google and purchased the HX18T from HIXEN. Lacking knowledge of transportation, they helped me delivered directly to my house. Surely,the pre-payment worries disappear only until one shipping forwarder notice me that the good will arrive. The micro excavator is also proved to be good to use.

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