An Expert Guide on Wheeled Excavator In 2023-Everything You Should Know

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Developing countries and underdeveloped countries have a lot of construction work these days that increase the demand for wheeled excavators. The increase in construction work also increases the need to have high-quality and efficient construction equipment. Whether you import from other countries or buy some local equipment, it is always important to choose the right type.

Choosing the right type of your excavator is possible only when you know about different options available in the market. Based on your needs, requirements, job sites, and the jobs that you will perform, you have to make the right decision. You also need to know about different brands and the available attachments for your machines. Let’s take a look at the Hitachi wheel excavators.

Knowing the types of excavators is not enough to choose the most suitable machine for your site. It is also important to consult some expert manufacturers on reading on the internet about helpful factors. These tricks and methods are the only ways to get yourself the right excavator machine.

Apart from all other types of excavators, the one that is found most travel friendly is wheeled excavators. This article will give you a detailed overview of wheeled excavators. So what are you looking for? Just keep reading this article till the end.

Wheeled Excavator-

What Is A Wheeled Excavator?

Wheeled excavators are those types of excavators that consist of wheels instead of tracks like most traditional excavator types. It is known to be a highly flexible and versatile machine that can be used on-road and off-road. It can also help you to switch between different attachments to carry out your tasks efficiently.

The best part about them is that you can travel at higher speeds using these efficient machines. It is due to the attached wheels in its undercarriage part. Some best-wheeled excavators also come with low emissions systems to protect the environment from getting polluted.

Before choosing mobile excavators for yourself, you should know that different brands offer different models & services. You should search & know about the features and specifications of each company model. This is how you will know if a chosen model will manage work for you or not.

You can find multiple brands in the excavator machinery industry in China, Canada, the USA, Australia, India, etc.

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Why Should You Choose A Wheeled Excavator Over A Tracked Excavator?

Wheeled Undercarriage

The reason why people mostly choose a wheeled excavator or shift from a track to a wheeled one is clear. Sometimes, wheeled excavators are better at performing multiple jobs at the site compared to tracked excavators. For example, tracked excavators may not perform better jobs on finished foundations and city streets.

On the other hand, a wheeled excavator is the most versatile machine to carry out tasks on city streets without ruining anything. At the same time, these are mostly used for urban construction projects so that it easily moves on the road. They are better known for their efficient work in city jobs and developed countries.

Wheeled excavators are road-friendly excavators

They are road-friendly options when compared to tracked excavators. You can easily work on roads without damaging or destroying the roads. It means that you don’t need to worry about damages and heavy clean-up tasks. You can use them on paved roads, building slabs, parking lots, and other urban spaces.

Wheel Excavators Have A Higher Driving Speed

It doesn’t require rubber track pads, boards, or other pieces of equipment to move from one place to another. With an amazing driving speed of up to 35kph, wheel excavators can be moved easily. These excavators may also come with a dual hydraulic boom that helps to reduce blind spots through clear visibility.

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They Got Compact Sizes.

They also have compact sizes. It means that you can also use them for multiple jobs in tighter spaces. Since they have a small maneuverability circle, they are ideal to work in single traffic lanes and next to roads. It is important to keep the roads open, especially on bridges otherwise traffic congestion occurs. You can take into account different sizes.

Even Better Than Traditional Backhoe Excavators

They are also chosen over backhoe excavators due to their high power and versatility. They have a wide stable and shorter footprint, large capacity for lifting and digging, and longer reaching boom with more power in general. All these features are even more efficient than a traditional backhoe excavator.

An Important Fact:

There is a county in Florida location known as Santa Rosa. They used wheeled excavators for their maintenance of roadsides. They concluded that it gives lower downtime due to the functionality and diversity of the equipment. It is said that it was almost 50% less downtime as compared to other equipment.

Low Maintenance Costs

They can be highly expensive in terms of price. However, the best part is that these excavators are cheaper to maintain. Hence, they have low maintenance costs. The brakes and wheels of these excavators last longer. Moreover, these parts can be easily replaced. In short, they are more economical and urban-friendly with universal attachments.

Summarizing A Comparison Between Wheeled Excavators And Track Excavators

FeaturesWheeled ExcavatorsTracked Excavators
Maintenance costsCheaperExpensive
Upfront costsHigherCheaper
TractionHigher on even surfaces onlyHigher on uneven surfaces
Digging depthLessMore
Speed FasterSlower
StabilityMore stable on roadsLow stability on roads
ManeuverabilityEasyMore difficulty
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Advantages Of A Wheeled Excavator

Some most important advantages of a wheeled excavator are listed below:

  • Clear Visibility
  • More Stability
  • Higher Mobility
  • Best Serviceability
  • Maneuverability
  • Higher Versatility
  • More Comfort
  • Good lifting capacity
  • Better on hard surfaces
  • Low maintenance costs

Disadvantages Of A Wheeled-excavator

The wheeled excavator also possesses some drawbacks even if it has amazing advantages to choose for your project. And to choose the right machine, it is always important to know about both sides; advantages and disadvantages. Some most common disadvantages are listed below:

  • More expensive upfront
  • Less digging depth
  • Doesn’t work well on ground slopes
  • Less traction
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Most Common Wheeled Excavator Attachments

Attachments can help you perform several jobs through a single machine with higher efficiency. Just like other types of mini excavators, wheeled excavators also come with important attachments. However, its attachments are universal just like tracked excavators. These attachments are:

  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Buckets for grading and trenching
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Grapple
  • Quick Coupler
  • Plate compactor
attachment for wheel excavator

What Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wheeled Excavator?

1) What Type Of Wheeled Excavator Is Best For Your Jobsite?

  • Before you invest in purchasing a wheeled excavator, you should know the scope of your work. For example, you should know that a particular machine will perform single or multiple tasks. At the same time, you also need to analyze whether a machine will work on multiple job sites or not. You should know if there will be any specific workspace constraints for the machine or not.
  • The wheeled excavator is equipped with high-quality rubber tires to run efficiently when performing jobs. You can use these machines in street developments and highways, manufacturing, building, bridge construction, and much more. These machines are also used for underground utility installations and ditch cleaning projects.

2) Which Level Of Stability Is Required For Your Jobsite?

  • The level of stability defines whether a machine will be able to work on your job site or not. For example, when you have to work on terrains or grounds, a wheeled excavator may not perform efficiently. It is an excellent machine only when you need to perform different jobs on a flat surface such as roads.
  • On the other hand, if you want something to perform jobs on terrain or ground surfaces, you need to select a tracked excavator. You can achieve a better level of stability by selecting the excavator suitable according to the job site.
  • You can also equip your wheel excavators with a front dozer blade that is used to replace a secondary machine. It is to ensure stability during multiple applications such as digging landscaping, etc. It is also important to note that wheel excavators have amazing lifting capacities just like crawler excavators.

3) How Much Mobility Is Required For Your Jobsite?

  • If you have to move your machine from here and there more often, then a wheeled excavator is better than any other option. The best part is that you can also adjust the traveling speed using a wheeled excavator. You can have higher mobility as compared to the tracked excavator. This indicates that you can easily use this machine for large spaces.
  • On the other hand, if working space is limited on your job site then you should go for tracked excavators. They don’t have higher mobility but will work best for you in limited spaces.

4) What Are Maintenance Considerations & Costs For Your Excavator?

  • Purchasing a machine is not the only thing to know. You also need to consider things such as maintenance costs. It is important to note that wheeled excavators are expensive but they have quite lower maintenance costs as compared to other excavators. Moreover, it can be repaired and replaced easily in terms of damaged parts.
  • You can save the costs of maintenance using a wheeled excavator.
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Wheeled excavators are the best excavators when you need transport-friendly equipment for your urban projects. You can enjoy its higher mobility and versatility when working on multiple projects.

If you are searching to purchase a high-quality wheeled excavator for shipping in your country, look no further, Contact Us now. We are the leading manufacturers of wheel excavators in China with higher reliability. Especially when you need to buy a small-sized wheel excavator, you are at the right place. Our 4-ton mini wheel excavator could be your right choice.

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